Who we are

We firmly believe that successful sustainable development in Africa has to start at LOCAL level with stable and healthy economy, better use of resources, development of skills, training and incentives for work. Sustainable development and rural economic growth are inextricably linked. Building sustainable communities is about improvements to the places where people live and work, and giving them the chance to play their part in shaping change for a sustainable future.

Cooperation and development between local and international partnerships is central to our philosophy. Being people focused, sustainabilityAFRICA strongly supports partnerships with local and international institutions, organisations, universities and governments. This partnership is essential for strategic sustainable development and provides a platform for donors interested in Africa's sustainability.

sustainabilityAFRICA is a unique institute offering multidisciplinary approach to solving rural/village problems through project work. We firmly believe that the poor impoverished villagers can propel themselves on a path of sustainable development if they are empowered with practical solutions. The Institute is currently working in Tala-Kithimani village, Machakos District, in Kenya.