Water and Sanitation


Water, Sanitation and Waste Management project

Most people in Tala- Kithimani get their drinking water from dirty springs, shallow wells and polluted streams. The groundwater is often polluted, mainly by nitrates and faecal bacteria- the root cause being the use of traditional and widespread pit-latrines, which are often located close to water sources. As children are the main carriers of water from springs and rivers, for domestic use, they suffer most from water borne diseases

Water, Sanitation and Waste Management are the current projects being implemented at Primary Schools in the project areas. Rain water harvesting, ecological sanitation, hygiene and environment projects have been successfully completed in many schools. Over 10,000 Primary School children now have adequate water for the whole year and hygienic Eco-san toilet facilities. Below are a few examples of completed projects showing the new improved facilities at Primary Schools.

BEFORE                                             AFTER

Kwangi Primary School

BEFORE                                              AFTER

Mwisyani Primary School

BEFORE                                              AFTER